Great Salt Lake is a large, natural, saline lake located in the northern part of Utah, in the United States of America. It is the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere, the fourth-largest terminal lake in the world, and the thirty-seventh (37th) largest lake on earth. It covers an average area of approximately 1,700 square miles (4,400 km2).

Great Salt Lake is the world's largest sustainable producer of commercially viable brine shrimp cysts, which provide highly nutritious, on-demand, live feed to the world aquaculture industry. It is also one of the Western Hemisphere's most important nesting, resting and staging sites for millions of migratory birds.

To learn more about Great Salt Lake and ist bring shrimp resource, go to websites for:
Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program (GSLEP) United States Geological Survey (USGS)

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