Hatchery Feeds

Highest Quality | Best Nutrition

Mackay Marine Feeds

We provide the highest quality Artemia products and hatchery feeds because we know there is a difference. High-quality Artemia can double the survival rate when compared to an inert diet alone, (Nils Phillip Sommer, 2019). A balanced Artemia and feed diet is the ideal combination for the survival and growth of shrimp and fish.

Great Salt Lake Artemia (GSLA) harvests Artemia from Great Salt Lake in the United States and is the industry expert, with 30+ years in the industry producing brands of the highest quality and best nutrition.

Particle Feeds

Nutritionally-Rich MP Feed
The Mackay MP diets are scientifically and nutritionally formulated for the optimal development, growth, and survival of shrimp larvae.

  • Great stability, buoyancy, and attractability for balanced and complete nutrition
  • Water remains clear while shrimp gain color and size

Brine Shrimp Feed

Mackay Marine Black Flake Diet 
Globally recognized, high-quality, premium feed for post-larvae shrimp. Scientifically formulated for the optimal development and survival of shrimp.

  • Ensures superior water quality – shrimp will gain color and plenty of lipids
  • Provides excellent water buoyancy for balanced and complete nutrition

Spirulina Microfine

Highest Quality • Best Nutrition
Mackay Marine Spirulina is a dried microscopic dark blue-green microalgae containing a high level of digestible protein, beta-carotene, and Vitamin B12.

  • Excellent for the culture of penaeid shrimp, freshwater shrimp, fish larvae, and even Artemia
  • Increases fertility, weight gain, coloration, and appetite 

Committed to Sustaining Our Natural Resources

Great Salt Lake Artemia is committed to the conservation of our natural resources through responsible harvesting. We work closely with local governments, scientists, and conservation groups to ensure a stable Artemia supply while making sure all of the lake’s wildlife continues to thrive and grow.