Particle Feeds

Mackay Marine MP Feed

Nutritionally-rich Microparticulate Feed

Our MP Feed is a premium microparticulate feed formulated with nutritionally-rich Artemia from Great Salt Lake. Mackay Marine MP diets are scientifically and nutritionally formulated for the ultimate development, growth, and survival of shrimp larvae.

  • Delivers great stability, buoyancy, and attractability for balanced and complete nutrition
  • Maintains water clarity while shrimp gain color and increase in size
Five MP Feed buckets

Features and


  • Specific sizing to match each stage of development
  • Nutritionally formulated to provide consistent high-end results with significant growth and survival:
    • Highly bioavailable monomer & single-cell proteins
    • Essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
    • Immunostimulants
    • Vitamins and minerals to ensure good health, growth and vitality
  • Trifecta of shrimp feed: High attractability, palatability, and digestibility
  • Excellent for Larval and PL stage shrimp from Z1 to PL12


Made in USA

  • Mackay Marine products are produced in an FDA-inspected and approved plant and obtain negative results from the following pathogens:
    • Taura Syndrome (TSV)
    • White Spot Disease (WSSV)
    • Yellow Head Virus (YHV)
    • Salmonella
    • Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND/EMS)
    • Infectious Hypodermal and Haematopoietic Necrosis (IHHNV)
    • Decapod Iridescent Virus (DIV1)…plus many more
Closeup of MP Feed

Premium Ingredients and

Guaranteed Analysis

Nutritionally formulated to provide shrimp with protein (marine and animal protein, vegetable proteins [including algae], fish oils, and Artemia), vitamins and minerals to ensure good health, growth and vitality.

  • Crude Protein (minimum) 50%
  • Crude Fat (minimum) 13%
  • Crude Fiber (maximum) 3%
  • Total Ash (maximum) 8%
  • Moisture (maximum) 6%