Artemia Guard

Your Ultimate Vibrio Protection

Artemia Guard

Artemia Guard is a coating you can add to any GSLA Artemia brand of products to increase your Artemia production by reducing Vibrio in the hatching process. Improve your hatchery’s biosecurity while increasing the Artemia viability and vitality for better results in fish/shrimp survival and growth.

Artemia Guard demo cones

WITH Artemia Guard

WITHOUT Artemia Guard



Artemia Guard increases your production performance by significantly suppressing Vibrio.

  • Improves biosecurity in the hatchery for higher production performance
  • Suppresses Vibrio growth during Artemia hatching thereby reducing the transfer of pathogens in early hatchery stages, resulting in higher production performance



Suppression of bacterial growth during Artemia cyst hatching effectively:

  • Increases vitality and quality of Artemia nauplii – active and strong
  • Reduces Artemia cyst hatching issues
  • Improves shrimp and fish feeding (eat more, grow faster and bigger)
Graph - Vibrio growth
Artemia nauplii

Higher Quality & Vitality

of Artemia Nauplii

Artemia Guard suppresses the transfer of pathogens in early hatchery stages.

  • Produces active Artemia nauplii for the feeding of fish and shrimp
  • Allows for optimal enrichment of Artemia nauplii when required


of Supply

We are committed to the sustainability of our natural resources through dedicated conservation and responsible harvest management. Over 20 years ago, the State of Utah, in partnership with the Artemia industry, implemented a science-based management system aimed at optimizing the Artemia population and cyst production, resulting in a stable and sustainable supply of quality Artemia from Great Salt Lake.

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