Mackay Marine ArtemiaTM

Mackay Marine ArtemiaTM

The Artemia Brand you Can Trust!

Great Salt Lake Artemia (GSLA) offers Artemia exclusively from Great Salt Lake in the United States. Our Artemia is easy to hatch with no chemical enhancements, narrow temperature windows, or excessive light requirements. GSLA brands also come with a guarantee that our product will hatch at or above the promised hatch rate. We have clear traceability and environmental controls you can trust.

Harvester boat gathering Artemia cysts

Highest Quality

Best Nutrition

  • Healthier, faster-growing shrimp
  • Easy to hatch process:
    • No chemical enhancements
    • No narrow temperature windows
    • No excessive light requirements
  • 15+ years of testing with no positive test results for aquaculture pathogens


Hatch Rate

  • Great Salt Lake Artemia is easy to hatch and is guaranteed to hatch at or above the promised hatch-out rate (HOR) percentage
  • Our Artemia is of the highest quality, harvested exclusively from Great Salt Lake in the United States
  • GSLA has clear traceability and environmental controls you can trust!
Artemia hatching cones
SEP-Art demo and Artemia Guard demo



  • SEP-Art

Delivers complete separation giving you 100% pure nauplii and maximum yield and value

  • Artemia Guard

Suppresses bacterial growth and improves overall biosecurity in your hatchery

Double the

Survival Rate

  • Balanced co-feeding of Artemia and inert feed is ideal for shrimp and fish survival and growth
  • Weight increases of 800% – 1100% for shrimp-fed Artemia and an inert diet mix²
  • A diet consisting of at least 25% or more Artemia will assist in more effective nutritional uptake from the inert feed likely through greater ingestion/assimilation of the inert diet²
PL shrimp with black gut on blue background
Harvester boat with snowy mountains in background


of Supply

We are committed to the sustainability of our natural resources through dedicated conservation and responsible harvest management. Over 20 years ago, the State of Utah, in partnership with the Artemia industry, implemented a science-based management system aimed at optimizing the Artemia population and cyst production, resulting in a stable and sustainable supply of quality Artemia from Great Salt Lake.