Great Salt Lake Artemia

The Artemia Brands You Can Trust!

Highest Quality | Guaranteed Hatch Rate

Great Salt Lake Artemia (GSLA) offers Artemia exclusively from Great Salt Lake in the United States. Our Artemia is easy to hatch with no chemical enhancements, narrow temperature windows, or excessive light requirements. GSLA brands also come with a guarantee that our product will hatch at or above the promised hatch rate. We have clear traceability and environmental controls you can trust.

Our Brands

Great Salt Lake Artemia harvests Artemia from Great Salt Lake in the U.S. and is the industry expert, with over 30 years in the industry producing leading brands.


Globally recognized as
The Artemia Brand You Can Trust!

Mackay MarineTM

Established Artemia brand popular in Central and South America.

Golden WestTM

Well-known brand used in major aquaculture hatcheries in Asia.

Dancing Crane

Popular brand utilized in hatcheries throughout Asia.


Recognized brand most often used in hatcheries in Vietnam.

White Mountain

Trusted brand often used in the Vietnamese and Mexican markets.


High-quality Artemia brand popular in Asia and South America.


North America Brine Shrimp – trusted throughout Asia. 

Salt Lake Aquafeed

Premium Artemia cysts commonly used in fish hatcheries.

Our Technology

World-class labs and technological know-how combined with nature’s bounty create technology-based solutions for better Artemia products and improved growth of shrimp and fish.

Artemia Guard

Artemia Guard (Biosecurity) 
Increases your production performance by significantly suppressing Vibrio.

  • Improves biosecurity in the hatchery for higher production performance
  • Suppresses Vibrio growth during Artemia hatching


SEP-Art (Perfect Separation)
Complete separation technology produces 100% nauplii suspension.

  • Provides high value from maximum nauplii yield
  • Yields high-quality live Artemia via magnetic separation eliminating the need for harsh chemicals

Artemia Guard + SEP-Art

An Unbeatable Combination
Together these innovative technologies produce incredible results.

  • Improves hatchery biosecurity
  • Increases vitality and quality of Artemia nauplii
  • Enhances Artemia enrichment when required