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An Unbeatable Combination

Your Ultimate Combination in Nauplii Separation and Vibrio Protection

Artemia Guard

  • Improves biosecurity in the hatchery for higher production performance
  • Suppresses Vibrio growth during Artemia hatching thereby reducing the transfer of pathogens in early stages, resulting in higher production performance

SEP-Art Technology

  • Provides high value from maximum yield
  • Yields high-quality live Artemia utilizing magnetic separation eliminating the need for harsh chemicals
  • Improves enrichment kinetics of Artemia
Artemia Guard demo cones

Artemia Guard

Artemia Guard

Young Artemia

Benefits of

Combined Technologies

  • Improves biosecurity of hatchery
  • Increases vitality and quality of Artemia nauplii
  • Provides better Artemia enrichment when required

SEP-Art Maximizes

Survival Rate

  • SEP-Art technology’s magnetic coating on the Artemia cysts allows for a safe, low-impact method to remove unhatched cysts and shells utilizing magnetic tools – leaving behind a clean, 100% nauplii suspension
  • Improves nauplii survival through SEP-Art’s magnetic separation results in enhanced enrichment
Graph - Vibrio growth

Higher Viability & Vitality

of Artemia Nauplii

Artemia Guard significantly suppresses the transfer of pathogens such as Vibrio spp in early hatchery stages.

  • Increases vitality and quality of Artemia nauplii – active and strong
  • Reduces Artemia cyst hatching issues
  • Improves shrimp and fish feeding – greater intake, faster growth, and larger size


of Supply

We are committed to the sustainability of our natural resources through dedicated conservation and responsible harvest management. Over 20 years ago, the State of Utah, in partnership with the Artemia industry, implemented a science-based management system aimed at optimizing the Artemia population and cyst production, resulting in a stable and sustainable supply of quality Artemia from Great Salt Lake.

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