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Research Trials

Great Salt Lake Artemia (GSLA) has conducted numerous research projects with a U.S. University to identify optimal shrimp feeding programs in the PL stage. Each of the three trials used Mackay Marine MP Feed with GSLA Artemia to assess survivability and weight changes in a variety of feed scenarios.

Scientist sampling Artemia in cones

Alpha Trial

Our Alpha Trial utilized Mackay Marine MP Feed with GSLA Artemia to assess survival and weight in a variety of feed scenarios.

At the PL7 stage, the results demonstrated an increase in survivability above 70% and stable weights as we increased the level of Artemia to 4.3kg. By the PL15 stage, data shows similar improvements in survivability – up to 66.7% as we used 4.3kg of Artemia with weight again remaining stable across the different levels of Artemia…learn more.

Young Artemia

Beta Trial

A Beta Trial focused on stages PL15 and PL35 – looking for significant results in shrimp survivability and weight change.

Data demonstrated that at PL15 from 4.8kg to 5.9kg of Artemia we see a significant improvement in survivability from 51.4% to 62.1%. The differences in weight were not statistically significant, so the main impact of using additional Artemia is about survivability…learn more.

Five large shrimp in hand

Gamma Trial

In a Gamma Trial, also conducted in a university research environment, we studied the survivability and weight results of using more Artemia in the PL12 to PL25 stages.

Trial results showed significant improvement in both the survivability and weight gain of shrimp when fed an MP Feed diet rich with Artemia…learn more.

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