Research Trials

Gamma Trial – Use More Artemia

Whiteleg Shrimp – Penaeus vannamei

Our Gamma Trial utilized Mackay MP Feed with GSLA Artemia to assess survival and weight of shrimp in a variety of feed scenarios. We compared the Mackay Marine MP Feed diet to a low-cost competitor diet.

Bar graph showing increase in survivability at PL12 to PL25 stage


PL12 to PL25 Stage

Survival results demonstrated significant benefit when the MP Feed diet was used vs. the low-cost diet. Survivability increased from 82% to 90% when 6 kg of Artemia was used.


PL12 to PL25 Stage

Weight results also proved the benefit of using the MP Feed diet in the PL12 to PL25 stages. Data showed an overall weight increase of 31%, leading to larger and healthier shrimp.
Bar graph showing increase in weight at PL12 to PL25 stage

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