Artemia Technology

Your Ultimate Combination in Nauplii Separation
and Vibrio Protection

The Next Generation of Productivity

World-class labs and technical know-how combined with nature’s bounty create technology-based solutions for better Artemia products and improved growth of shrimp and fish.

Artemia Guard

Artemia Guard (Biosecurity) 
Increases your production performance by significantly suppressing Vibrio.

  • Improves biosecurity in the hatchery for higher production performance
  • Suppresses Vibrio growth during Artemia hatching


SEP-Art (Perfect Separation)
Complete separation technology produces 100% nauplii suspension.

  • Provides high value from maximum nauplii yield
  • Yields high-quality live Artemia via magnetic separation eliminating the need for harsh chemicals

Artemia Guard + SEP-Art

An Unbeatable Combination
Together these innovative technologies produce incredible results.

  • Improves hatchery biosecurity
  • Increases vitality and quality of Artemia nauplii
  • Enhances Artemia enrichment when required

Technology Overview Video