Great Salt Lake Artemia (GSLA) are global experts on Brine Shrimp harvesting and processing. GSLA is a market leader selling Artemia worldwide in Asia, Europe, North & South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

GSLA provides the highest quality Artemia through industry leading quality controls, world class labs, and modern procesing equipment. Our globally recognized brands such as Sanders, MacKay, and Golden West Artemia have been in the market for over 30 years.

Great Salt Lake Artemia also has the latest Artemia solutions for Hatcheries providing solutions like SEP-Art to maximize yield and value with complete separation for 100% Nauplii and Artemia Guard that will improve overall biosecurity by reducing pathogens.

Our core values embrace conservation and transparency in the market. We work closely with local and national governments, scientists, and convservation experts to enure we hae a stable and long-term supply of Artemia for our customers, while making sure the natural wildlife the Artemia support in the Great Salt Lake can continue to thrive and grow. This commitment to the environemnt and collaboration means we have world class transparency and tracability in our product for Hatcheries, Farmers, and ultimately the consumer to feel confident about what they are putting on their plates.

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